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Hello, i have one issue that makes me difficult to teach.
Im a teacher on Institut Almata in Balaguer (Spain), which we had obtain the student developer pack and i personally did the Campus Advisor Training. The course 18-19 all went fine with private repos to students, github pages etc…

The problem is that this course, i have added my students to the institut almata organization, and they can create private repositories but they cant access to Pro features as insights: network branches.

I have tried to get the teacher toolbox and the students developer pack for this course, but i was rejected. I dont know why because im working in the same institute and same course ( web development in post obligatory studies, html, css, javascript), So im confused and is some kind a mess

Thanks in advance

@jen-k @bassa846 I think you can manage teachers rejections, is the fourth time i get rejected, and i need the github pro and student developer to my students. I have the campus advisor title and Institut Almata as approved organization. Can you help me please ??


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