Problem creating teams

I have a team of students who can’t create a repo for the current assignment. They are getting an error that says “There was a problem creating your team”. Has anybody else seen this?

Hi Zack,

Yes I do face the same problem. No further information at present.


PS : I don’t know if you have the same feeling, but the quality is getting more buggy over the last month. Is it a consequence of a difference of culture between Github (previous teams) and Microsoft ?

Some of my students are having the same problem. The assignment is working fine for others. The error message “There was a problem creating your team” doesn’t give us much to go on. If anyone knows a workaround, we’d appreciate hearing about it.

Hey Good Morning,

You probably already are doing these steps. So the steps are not clear, so I will take a shot at it.
Steps to Creating a Project/Team.

  • First, the instructor creates the repository for the project ( must be in the organization’s repository)
  • The instructor creates the team ( Students must except becoming members of the organization)
  • the instructor assigns the team to the project and sets the (team members as admin of their repository)
  • the instructor assigns the repository through the GitHub classroom. ( the students must have excepted the invite to GitHub Classroom.)
  • the students except for the assignment
  • the students clone the GitHub repository (we use GitHub Desktop) to a local machine and create a branch.

I do not know if all of these steps make sense, but this is the process we have been using successfully.

Good luck
Burdett Wilson

Thanks for the help. We are following the endorsed workflow like this. Actually I let the students form their own teams, but aside from that detail, we’re following your instructions.

Update: my students reported that they were able to create a team after choosing a different name. Perhaps the name they wanted was already in use, and this message is unclear about that. Or perhaps some team names are being rejected due to a bug. But anyway, there’s a workaround of using a different team name string.

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