Private Starter Repos

Are there any plans to add private starter repos in the future? Currently on public repos can be used as starters as far as I can tell.

Hi @robmuh :wave:

So Classroom allows you to use any repository you have access (public or private) as starter code. Are you not seeing a private repo that you have access to when you create an assignment?

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Ok, yes, user-error on my part, I had create the private repo as my personal account and not the account of the school.

Glad to help sort that out for you :smile:

Is there a way we could make that more clear when using Classroom?

We’re always trying to make the interface more clear for users.

Nope it was really clear.

I am new to GitHub Classroom, so sorry if my question is naive, but I am having trouble creating starter repos from a private repository.

I first created an organization and got the education discount. Then I created a classroom from that organization. Within that organization, I created a private repo. But, when creating an individual assignment in that classroom, I cannot use that private repo as a starter, because it says that I don’t have permission to view the repo. This situation occurs whether or not the base permission of the organization is Read or None.

The thread above suggests that it is possible to use a private repo for starter code, so I am confused where I am going wrong.