Private Starter Repos

(Rob Muhlestein) #1

Are there any plans to add private starter repos in the future? Currently on public repos can be used as starters as far as I can tell.

(Mark Tareshawty) #2

Hi @robmuh :wave:

So Classroom allows you to use any repository you have access (public or private) as starter code. Are you not seeing a private repo that you have access to when you create an assignment?

(Rob Muhlestein) #3

Ok, yes, user-error on my part, I had create the private repo as my personal account and not the account of the school.

(Mark Tareshawty) #4

Glad to help sort that out for you :smile:

Is there a way we could make that more clear when using Classroom?

We’re always trying to make the interface more clear for users.

(Rob Muhlestein) #5

Nope it was really clear.