Private repositories for teams

I’m teaching a course where the students have to do a group project this semester. It is important that I get to choose the groups to maximize the learning aspect (e.g. not only made of friends, with weaker and stronger students that we feel can cooperate,…). Thus I set up an organization and, within that organization, I created groups to which I assigned projects. This year, the projects are different for each group but in general it would be nice if the repositories of the groups were private to that group. Is there a way to do that with a teacher account?

Hi Chris,

I did this last semester with similar parameters, separate groups with different assignments. The hardest part was getting GitHub to recognize my account as belonging to an academic institution. That ended up taking longer than my short planning window (7-10 days), so I paid to make the projects private (US $250) and later persuaded GitHub to grandfather my account and refund the money. I was lucky that a GitHub consultant actually worked at my school, so I’m not confident this approach would have worked at another school.

My suggestion is to try to contact GitHub to recognize your account as part of an academic institution. If this works, make the accounts private for free. If not, stay public.

After the projects were graded I suggested to the top teams that they make their projects public so as to use for their portfolio going forward.



Thanks for your reply @dfoulser. As far as I can tell, my account has the “Pro” star so my request to be recognised as a teacher was granted. Still I can’t make those repo/team conversation private. Under the “Make this repository private” is a “ Please upgrade organisation”.