Private Assignment: Errored

Hi all,

I searched and read many posts, but I still could not find the solution to the error I received.

As outlined by @mozzadrella, I first created an org (CS578-S19) and then created a classroom. I tested two assignments: one private, and one public. I sent the invitations to the students; the students were able to accept the public assignment and create the respective repositories, but when they tried to accept the private assignment, they got the following errors:

Creating Repository: Errored
Importing Starter Code: Errored.

I also checked whether the organization (CS578-S19) can create private repositories, but it turns out it can’t. I’m guessing the errors students got are related to the fact that CS578-S19 org. cannot create private repos. Did I miss any steps?

Thank you all!


OK, the issue has been resolved. It looks like I had to request GitHub Education discount for the organization (CS578-S19) first. Strangely enough, I don’t remember this step mentioned anywhere in the video tutorials. Maybe I missed it?
Note: here is the link to requesting the discount:

cc: @mozzadrella

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