Please read if you are using starter code outside of your GitHub Classroom organization for an assignment

I would like to point out that all of the solutions mentioned here DID NOT WORK for me. What did work for me was as follows:

My students were “outside collaborators” to my “organization” (Yorba Linda High School).
Once I made them “members” of our organization, THEN and only then could the students accept my GitHub classroom assignments that had private or public code templates!

More detailed discussion of what I did here:

While it’s an interesting workaround, unfortunately I don’t want to make my students members of the original organization with my all my starter code private repos because I also have the solution repos up there as well and only my TAs and tutors and myself are members of that organization.

I was hoping we could just straight up use or fork these private assignment repos over the semester specific organizations to create the assignment repos for the students…

At this point, since forking isn’t working either, and I create a new organization each semester anyway for the student assignment repos, I’m just importing the starter repos over. So now I have a complete duplicate starter repo in the semester organization which the assignments are created from… But it’s not a big deal. I almost never update these starter repos after they’ve been assigned for the semester. And I can just trash the semester specific organization later (or keep it archived) and make a new one each semester.

Is there any chance that this change also contributed to my new problem, which appeared on a similar timescale? gh-pages branch not deployed after students accept assignment

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