Please, more examples using GitHub Desktop

(Andrew D Wolfe Jr) #1

I’m teaching raw students—intro to programming semester 1—and want to minimize use of the command line. I would like to request more examples that demonstrate using GitHub Desktop rather than the command line.

I started on Berkeley Unix in 1980 and frankly, the command-line thing is not a problem to me. But I don’t find it pedagogically important at this point to get them fluent in command-line use. A few semesters in, the CS students will certainly need to get it into their Bat-utility-belt.

Loyola New Orleans is a heavy arts school including web and game design, and not only do I have freshman students, I have many students who don’t intend to major or minor in Computer Science but think it would be cool to learn programming.

If I try to get students to do GitHub work in the command line, I have to explain:

  • the use of command-line arguments and options
  • the order-sensitivity of command-line options
  • why they need to pay attention to “–” vs “-”
  • commands and file names are case-sensitive on MacOS/Linux
  • awareness of the current working directory
  • dealing with file names with spaces
  • maybe even managing SSH keys or git authentication mechanisms

Right now, I really like GitHub Desktop for these students. Sweet little touches like ‘open in Atom,’ ‘open in Finder/Explorer’ and ‘open in Command Window/Terminal/iTerm’ give my students the bits they need to stay mainly in the GUI. But I don’t have examples to show them, meaning that I just posted a 20-page document full of GitHub Desktop screenshots to get them started.

So, please, more GitHub Desktop examples!