Performance / Preparing your new repository hangs

(Bill Siever) #1

For the past day or two I’ve seen a lot of instances where students follow the link to create a repository and then it hangs without successfully creating the repo. (It hangs for many hours. Manually cancelling and importing code sometimes overcomes the problem.)

Is this an error in our setup? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!


(Vincent Sijben) #2

I’ve been experiencing it as well. Sometimes it takes minutes up to hours. Dont know its related.
See my post.

(Joel Sommers) #3

I had similar experiences toward the end of last week. I don’t think it’s an error with your setup (or mine) because I’m using the same setup for repos that I’ve used many many times. I looked at at the time and no problems were shown there, but I strongly suspect some failure on the github side.

Github folks: can you please look into this? It was ridiculously disruptive when it was going on and if anything can be learned post mortem to avoid in the future, all of us who use classroom would really appreciate!

(Kundan) #4

I think it’s not an error with your setup. As I too faced same issue.

(Stephen Cerruti) #5

I have also been experiencing this issue.

(Kevin A. Wortman) #6

This sounds like an instance of this bug:

This issue keeps getting flagged as stale even though it is an ongoing problem. It would help for people experiencing this issue to report that on the Issue page, to keep the pressure on. :slight_smile: