Pathway for Data Science

Now a days, almost everyone want to be a Data Scientist. A Data Scientist is a professional who can work with a large amount of data and extract analytical insights. For those who are passionated about it, Here is the pathway for you guys:

1. Math:

· Khan Academy Math Track

· MIT Open Courseware: linear algebra and calculus

· Udacity: Intro and Inferential Statistics

2. Data Science Toolkit:


o Edx: DAT201x — Querying with Transact SQL (*)

o Mode Analytics: SQL Tutorial (Intro to Advanced)

o WiseOwl: SQL Tutorial (Intro to Advanced) (*)

· Command Line

o Book: Data Science at Command Line

· Python Coding

o Udemy: Complete Python Bootcamp

o Book: Learn Python the Hard Way (3rd Edition)

o Book: Automate Boring Stuff with Python

3. Machine Learning:

· Coursera: Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (*)

· Coursera: Applied Machine Learning (U Michigan)

· Harvard: CS109 — Intro to Data Science (*)

· Book: Python Machine Learning (2nd Edition) by Sebastian Raschka (*)

· Book: Python Machine Learning by Example

· Book: Intro to Machine Learning with Python

4. Big Data:

· Hadoop

o Book: Hadoop The Definitive Guide

o Udacity: Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce

o IBM: Hadoop Fundamentals Learning Badge

· Spark

o Edx: UC Berkeley Spark Courses (CS105, CS120)

o Datacamp: Intro to PySpark, Building Recommendation Engine in PySpark

o Book: Learning PySpark, Advanced Analytics with Spark


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Gracias en verdad, para personas novatas como yo nos ayudan a orientarnos un poco :smiley:

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