Partial Thesis litterature Proposal

Hi #teachers #Network!

I need to supply a Partial these to the federal government of Canada and i will be able to have a 5 years funding grant for advance research and development.

The partial proposal is only 6000 words, i did 14 000 but removed the 8000 as they only need 6000.

I would need 3 person with various interest or technical skills , that could read my literature proposal about the Artificial Intelligence, Ecosystems , Biodiversity, Applied Sciences etc,

I need to have some perosnnal informations as shown :

Name, Family name,
Country, City
University Name
Technical Skills

It would greatly help me, If is there any teacher available and is interesting to read about Tridimensional Stems Cells etc. I will add you and you should receive a link to proceed from the Federal Government of Canada.

Many Thanks !