Organizations and private repositories

(Mr. Roth-Ritchie) #1

I am trying to get our workflow set up for FRC Team 6762. I want to keep our current code private for right now so students can work through their ideas in a non-public (organization only) environment.

I have a lot of the workflow figured out.

Team computers have folders set for each programmer with a local git initialized.
I am posting some mentor examples in a mentor repository.
I also have a public snippets repository where both students and I post some code snippets to accomplish typical tasks.

Anyway, I helped our first programmer set everything up to start pushing our competition code to the repository, and found out that members do not have access to private folders in an organization.

Is there a way to grant the rights for members to view, push, and pull organization’s repositories?

I guess a follow up is, can this be done on a team instead (I am a little fuzzy about the difference between the two)?


~Mr R^2