Organising your Repos for Classrooms

As you’ve all probably experienced when you’re using GitHub Classrooms across all courses things tend to get a little bit cluttered in terms of private organisations.

At the start of using Classrooms we used one dedicated avatar for all our organisations (1 per class per module per year) however this ended up with a long list of avatars looking exactly the same but not identifying anything at first glance.

To cut a long story short, one of my colleagues (@sigged) created a small tool to create your own avatar and include just enough text so it’s easy to identify what you’re looking for straight away!

Time to get creative!

Feel free to (ab)use, join in and collaborate via the GitHub repo!


This is a nice touch, thanks, I’m using it!

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This is really useful. Thanks!

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I tried it too. Thanks for the idea and page.

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Very cool @ConsoleFriend! Thanks for sharing

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