Order student repos by latest commit

When using github classroom, I would like to help my students on their assignments by providing comments.
To this end, it would be very helpful to see which repository has recent commits that I can review.

Is there a way to order the list of student repos by latest commit time?

Thanks a lot

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Did you check your Github history in https://github.com (you need sign in before)? It could be quite confuse if you have several repositories, if students did a lot of commits, but it is possible to see “recent commits”.


thanks for the answer.

Yes, I certainly see my dashboard and once I select a student’s repo, I see his latest commit. The issue is that I have many students and I wouldn’t want to scan through all their repos before I find a recent commit.

If in github classroom, there would be an option to sort the list of student’s assignment repos by who has pushed the most recent commit, that would help a lot.