Opt-in beta for new Classroom feature - Git and GitHub starter course

Hello everyone! :wave:

We are working on a new feature for GitHub Classroom and we want to open up the private beta to those that are interested on this forum to get early feedback and iron out any kinks in the feature.

The feature

We’ve heard from many teachers that Git and GitHub can be a barrier to entry for those using GitHub Classroom and GitHub, more generally. A theme we are exploring this year is reusability & templates and our first experiment in this theme is a pre-made Git and GitHub starter course. Please keep in mind this is the first iteration so it’s not super exhaustive right now.

The main goal of this course is to teach you, and your students, the basic fundamentals of GitHub and the Git flow. We did not go extremely deep into Git in order to keep this beginner friendly, but in the future I could see a course completely dedicated to Git that follows this.

Instructions on how to access the feature and the course content are below.

How to opt-in and what we’d need from you

Respond with your interest on this thread. If you would like to use a different account than the one you are posting with please post the username of that account. I’ll be checking this thread once a day towards the end of my business day - around 5:30 ET - to gather names and add everyone to the feature. If you check the next morning you’ll definitely have access!

We don’t need much from you other than you trying out the feature and letting us know what you think. Once you’ve gone through the steps below and checked out the feature and starter course content you can leave your thoughts on this thread or submit them through our product feedback form which will be routed to the team.

How to access the feature once you’ve been added to the feature flag

Creating a new classroom:

  1. Create a new classroom on https://classroom.github.com/. You can walk through those steps in our Classroom docs if you are unsure on how to do that. Once you’ve created your classroom you should see this view:
  2. Click on use starter assignment
  3. Let us know what you think once you’ve explored the feature in this survey
  4. If you’d like to check out the starter code content you can view that in the starter code repository. If you have suggestions on things to add or what might be more helpful please let us know! Our aim for this launch was to keep it tightly scoped and small just to get something out there for your feedback, but we will improve upon this content in the future.

Using an existing classroom:

  1. Navigate to an existing classroom. You will see a blue banner at the top of the page with a CTA for creating the Git and GitHub starter course. Click that. You can also dismiss this banner, but it will show up in future classrooms you create in case you want to use the course in the future
  2. You can also navigate to your main landing page at classroom.github.com (logged in) and you will see a drop down where you can choose to create a new assignment or use our starter course

Where to go with questions

You can ask questions directly on this thread. Someone from the team will be checking it regularly, at least once or twice a day, to make sure folks aren’t having problems and will respond.

Once you have played around with the feature a bit please leave us feedback on this thread or through our product feedback form

What’s next?

We’ll keep the opt-in for this feature open for at least a week or 2 and, depending on the feedback we receive, we’ll open it up to a more “public” beta option and opt-in everyone. This is all dependent on the feedback we receive from folks, but we will keep you informed on this thread.

We are excited to try out this new format of early access shipping with y’all. We hope this reduces the feeling of things changing quickly within Classroom and gives you the opportunity to shape the future of features that you use. There will obviously be some process kinks to work out so please let us know what you think!


The Classroom team


Please sign me up! Thanks!


I am interested.


Interested! Thanks!


I’m interested too! :slight_smile:


I’ll gladly try that one out. Thanks.


I am interested in trying this feature out. Thank you!


Count me too! :vulcan_salute:


I’m also interested. Thank you!


Count me in :blush:


Hi @ohitsmekatie, I’d be happy to join the beta.


I’m interested! Thanks.


I’m also interested. :clap:


I’m interested as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m also interested. :metal:

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Thanks so much everyone! Just wanted to let y’all know that everyone who has commented before this has been added. :smile_cat:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! In addition to the feedback form linked above ,and this thread, you can also email me directly at ohitsmekatie@github.com with thoughts. Cheers!

Interested :raised_hands:

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This is exciting. I am interested in trying it out.

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I am interested in being part of the beta.

Thanks for your initiative on this.

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