OMG! Coolest feature ever!

OK, I’m totally a noob at this, but WOW I love this one feature I just started using.

It allows you to make a webpage of the in your root (I think you can specify any other path as well, I just haven’t). You can then embed that in your lms (I use canvas) assignment. No need to retype anything. HOT_DIGGITY_DOG lol

But Bianca, how do I perform this wizardry?

I’m so glad you asked…

For your assignment repository template, you activate GitHub Pages. That’s it. It’s in the settings of your repo. This works even if your repo is private. It doesn’t make anything else public in your repo. It simply displays your README. Why am I so thrilled? I’m not sure. It’s cool though. :nerd_face:

Stick an iframe in your lms assignment, and you’re done.

Here’s an example

In the iframe in my lms, I put an anchor at the end of my href #objectives to my first header, so the blue text doesn’t show at first.

Check it out! This is a private repository, you can’t access it’s contents. It’s just the

What it looks like in my LMS

If that works, you can really step up the game with a static site generator like Hugo, for more advanced designs and interactivity. :slight_smile: You can also have fun with things like reveal.js (with or without Hugo) for presentation slides and even polls!

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OK is it bad that I <3 github so so much? There’s always little things to find that can improve every single aspect of your project.