Not yet approved for GitHub Student Pack

Hello everyone,
It’s been around 27 days not approved for the Student Pack, and also not rejected.
What do you think is happening? The system recognized my university from the student email.
Is it possible that GitHub got mad at me because I made 2 accounts with the same email? :wink:
Should I wait longer?

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i have been waiting since 18th april and don’t have a response - i contcted github support and it seems that they have quite a lot of requests coming through at the moment and they see them in the order recieved, i would keep waiting

Okay, so could you please reply here when you get it? My turn should be one week after or something

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@dromzeh I was going to contact github support; I selected GitHub Education Program or benefits. Under “What can GitHub Education assist you with?”, I selected "status of GitHub Education Application (student), and got the option to click " Check your application status over at GitHub Education.
I found out that my application was approved, so try to check the link you might have been approved too!

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@JoseeMallah sadly this wasn’t my case - mine is still pending, when i contact github asking about the status i just get a generated response stating “We generally review requests in the order received. Our verification team will contact you once your application has been reviewed.”, and on the link you sent it still says my request has been pending since april 18th, thanks anyways!

Wow in my case, it works!

Probably some keyboard command - / ignore - in the software.

OdeMaria-Q |UN

On Linux Software.

Finally, I got approved but not arrive my swag from the GitHub Education community, how long it needs to arrive from there in your hands?

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