Not Accepting the request for Student Developer pack

Dear Team GitHub,

As I submitted my 1st request form my student developer pack on 17 July 2021, And it has been rejected because of " insufficient to demonstrate your current academic status".

Then on 18 July 2021, I had submitted my request 2nd request. Today is 29 July 2021, still now not even an acknowledgment email or message has not came.

I am in India, in India, there is no proper school or educational mail id has been given to the students.

Like I said, myself also one among the Indian students who applied and got rejected for this reason.

Please consider and accept my request and grant me the Student Developer pack.
I am learning the field where Web and IDEs related products I really need off.

Please grant me Student Developer pack.

Thank you,

Yes You’re Right but there’s no emails problem try to fill form and apply carefully and wait upto 1 month because I got it without an school mail so

Hey there, I’m Abhi.
My school provides emails, but external emails are blocked. In other words, I couldn’t recieve emails from GitHub to confirm my email. I instead took a screenshot of my school’s portal. It looks like this, but not x’d out.

Good luck,

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