No pro badge

I have already received the email that I have gotten the student pack, however, there isn’t a pro badge showing on my profile page. I have seen others with student packs having this badge so I am wondering if I have actually upgraded my account to a student developer account, not sure if I have missed anything. Thanks

This might be a recent change.

Do you know if the “others with student packs” that you saw activated them more than a month ago?

The “Student Developer Pack” lists “Unlimited free public and private repositories” as the benefit from GitHub.

However, “Unlimited free public and private repositories” is now the default on all free GitHub accounts, so it might be possible that the “Pro” distinction is no longer the same thing.

Today I learned there is a checkbox under settings/profile. Maybe check if the option is there.


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Can you please confirm this possibility?

Because I just found this

Look at the section just above upgrade your account.

I’m not exactly at liberty to *confirm* anything (I don’t work for GitHub) :sweat_smile:.

Great find! The phrase: "Included alongside other real-world development tools in the “GitHub Student Developer Pack” does make it sound like Pro should be included.

@rickypeng99 might need to email the support staff if it isn’t showing up.

@batflyer am new here. If I have the same problem, am I supposed to make a new post, or tag with someone else?

PS: how do I email the support staff?

It’s probably better to keep similar topics in similar places (helps people with similar problems find the topic later).

GitHub Support would be my first guess for contacting about the issue. Definitely post if here if you receive a definite answer!

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