No feedback pull requests on new classroom assingments

So, we’ve been using classroom for a while and all of a sudden the feedback PR is no longer created upon acceptance of the classroom assignment. I’d like to point out that we’ve ticked the PR box:

However our students have 0 pull requests in their repository:

There is no feedback branch either:

on a side note the review button points to<<student_github_handle>>/pull/1 but this results in a 404 page showing address<<student_github_handle>>/issues/1

did we miss a maintenance note or is this functionality broken now?

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Hi @Josvanreenen, that seems like a bug of some sort! Would you mind reaching out at We usually try to avoid digging into account-specific issues in a public forum. You can just copy your post here, it’ll get routed to my team :slight_smile:

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Hi @d12, I will do so in a minute, my main reason for posting here is to validate if it is just me or are other educators out there experiencing the same issue.

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I had this issue as well, though in my case I thought it was because I was trying to add custom github actions related to the autograder. Do your repos use autograding?

No, they don’t. just a simple java repo as template and a ticked checkbox on feedback PR, nothing more, nothing less. That’s why I’m checking if it’s just me or a browser issue, but all my students experience the same: they do get a repo with the code from the template, just no feedback branch nor accompanying PR.

I can only report that my first assignment – which did not go out, but which I tested on myself – was also missing a feedback link. I mae a second assignment, and on that one the feedback link does appear.

I was very hopeful with that comment, thanks for replying at all by the way, but sadly my second assignment did not have a feedback PR either. I did receive a notice from support confirming there is an issue, so I remain hopeful!. Will update as soon as I know more :slight_smile:

Anyone knows if there was any progress/resolution to this problem? Feedback PRs stopped being created for me as well.

In first few tests it was working OK, but after I admitted actual students, PRs are no longer there…

Same problem appeared in two newly created classrooms today and yesterday. Some students (at least 3 out of 76) just don’t have the PR, and the “Review” button in roster just leads to a 404.

Also, same students don’t have any GitHub Actions set up for autograding in their repository, which is quite unfortunate

My classroom is also experiencing this issue. All new accounts don’t have the PR, receive a 404 when clicking on “review” and actions are continuously attempting to “Update GitHub Classroom Autograding” and “Update GitHub Classroom Autograding Workflow”. Does anyone have any information on this issue?

Hello! If you have any students who are reporting that their assignments don’t have certain pieces of information (like the PR for feedback, autograding tests, etc). Would you mind sending a ticket through Support (it’ll come to me :smile:) with their usernames and I can help you sort this out for the time being manually.

We are working on a longer term fix for this now, but it’s not quite ready for public release yet.


I am getting started with GitHub Classroom.

I am having a similar issue to this one reported on the thread, but it is more erratic.
In 5 students, sometimes 2 or 3 of them have the feedback PR+branch, the others don’t.
Then I try again and already different students have and the others do not.

I am being quite systematic while testing this with the students and not figuring out the pattern :-((

Thanks for any help!

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I suspect it’s all part of the same bug as here (not all the commits are going through): Missing "Work in Repl" badge/button for some students

You can instruct the students to go and “update” (see near the bottom of the thread for fuller details), which may fix the issue for them.

I’m having this problem too. about 1:10 students aren’t getting the actions and pull request info; and then github classroom 404’s when you try to give feedback.

Just had my first class session: it was a disaster!

Probably about 25% of the students did not get it to work right: either it failed to import, or gave them a completely empty repo, or one with only some of the files, or one without a feedback PR.

Computers are supposed to be deterministic, but this like there are gremlins in there mucking things up – 25% failure rate is really, really bad.

And how to I clean it up???

Seems to have escalated as of late…

If it’s an individual based assignment, then just deleting the repo and starting again from scratch is an option. For group-based ones, the database goes into a funny state which will make this difficult.


Yes, really bad. I’ve had 27 students try to accept an assignment, and maybe half of them had it go correctly. ANd the failures are not conistent:

some get the import failed, try again message
some get a completely empty repo
some get a partially filled repo (only 1 or 2 of the 3 commits they should get)
some get the full repo, but no feedback PR.

This is absolutely unusable!

gitHub: what the heck is going on! has anyone identified a problem that you can fix ?!?!


We are actively looking into what’s going on here and are fixing things as we find them. There are quite a few things that happen during assignment acceptance and unfortunately it’s not a one fix solution, but we are working on it!

If you run into students who have missing pieces of their assignment can you instruct them to go back to the assignment URL and click update and let me know if that helps at all?


I could get the autograde to run by copying the things underneath the .github directory to the students repository. I do get some wierd credential errors when pushing from windows; so I had to manually commit the .yml file in the github interface (so not a scalable solution…much easer to just download all the assignment and run a batch script to run tests). It still doesn’t create the issue used for feedback; so that button still fails in classroom (probably some of the other magic @ohitsmekatie is talking about.

One related problem is the classroom downloader a little bit flawed; it creates the repos under the githubID not under the studentidentifier; so somewhere you stilll need to get that mapping.

One VERY useful thing would be if github classroom let you download a csv of identifier<—>githubid<—team—> mapping.

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