No feedback pull requests on new classroom assingments

So, we’ve been using classroom for a while and all of a sudden the feedback PR is no longer created upon acceptance of the classroom assignment. I’d like to point out that we’ve ticked the PR box:

However our students have 0 pull requests in their repository:

There is no feedback branch either:

on a side note the review button points to<<student_github_handle>>/pull/1 but this results in a 404 page showing address<<student_github_handle>>/issues/1

did we miss a maintenance note or is this functionality broken now?

Hi @Josvanreenen, that seems like a bug of some sort! Would you mind reaching out at We usually try to avoid digging into account-specific issues in a public forum. You can just copy your post here, it’ll get routed to my team :slight_smile:

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Hi @d12, I will do so in a minute, my main reason for posting here is to validate if it is just me or are other educators out there experiencing the same issue.

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I had this issue as well, though in my case I thought it was because I was trying to add custom github actions related to the autograder. Do your repos use autograding?

No, they don’t. just a simple java repo as template and a ticked checkbox on feedback PR, nothing more, nothing less. That’s why I’m checking if it’s just me or a browser issue, but all my students experience the same: they do get a repo with the code from the template, just no feedback branch nor accompanying PR.

I can only report that my first assignment – which did not go out, but which I tested on myself – was also missing a feedback link. I mae a second assignment, and on that one the feedback link does appear.

I was very hopeful with that comment, thanks for replying at all by the way, but sadly my second assignment did not have a feedback PR either. I did receive a notice from support confirming there is an issue, so I remain hopeful!. Will update as soon as I know more :slight_smile:

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