New to Github and Android App development

I’m new to Github. I’m taking an online class by Londonappbrewery. I’m stuck at this point per the class. I’m at Section 3 Lecture 25, which introduces Github. However, per this latest lecture it wants me to accept an assignment challenge from Github, on a assignment titled “I Am Poor”. I can find this repository, but per the lecture there is suppose to be an “assignment” tab, or icon, that I would click on. I’m stuck here because I can’t find where this “assignment” tab is. Has anyone gone thru doing this? It appears some have, so I"m curious if they had to do something that is not mentioned in the online Lecture.

The link, “” does not exist. This is the link from the lecture.

Appreciate comments, and what exactly is missing.

First of all, the link is misspelled. It should be “” - notice “github” instead of “gethub”, no ‘e’ in the server name.

I am fairly new as a teacher with GitHub Classroom. I have found students sometimes don’t reliably receive or use the assignment notifications, which I make sure are sent via email. Note the email is very important. I have students who use university emails and others using public emails.

You can’t really use the repository without accepting the assignment. When my students accept an assignment, GitHub does a “clone,” that is, a full copy of the repository within the GitHub server. Then they locally “clone” the repository down to their computers and write their code locally.

Beyond this, I think that LondonAppBrewery should be able to check your status and help you through. Make sure you tell them your GitHub username and any (and all!) emails you have used for your work.

Good luck!