New partner in the Student Developer Pack: Flatiron School

Hi Teachers,

We wanted to let you know the students have another partner in their Student Developer Pack, Flatiron School. Flatiron School is offering the student members of the pack one month free access to their new Community-Powered Bootcamp.

Flatiron School is a bootcamp that teaches students web development, HTML and CSS, React, and other coding languages online or in-person. Their Community-Powered Bootcamp offers students a chance to see how Flatiron helps students learn and gives them a sense of what the lessons in web development are like.

Students can get their pack by signing up on our pack page.



Happy to answer anyone’s questions about Flatiron School and our Community-Powered Bootcamp. Hope you all enjoy coding!

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Stoked to see Flatiron join the pack @aviflombaum :comet: