New organisation or re-use classroom for each new offering?

Hi there.
I plan to use GitHub classroom with 2 or 3 assignments each time I teach the same subject (to a different group of students). Should I?

  1. Create a new organisation for each subject
  2. Reuse a generic organisation and classroom and name the assignments to include the offering

I’d appreciate any advice on why one (or a 3rd) option would be better than another.
Thank you.

Hi Lindsay,

You might be interested in a similar question I had asked about what to do with course materials from term to term. There were several proposals, but the cleanest option appears to be creating new organizations for each year (or semester) that a course is taught. This is my plan moving forward.

In regards to the courses themselves, I always use a different organization for each course. This is, in part, because the course materials include lessons, exercises, etc. and it is already a bit tricky to keep the students from getting confused with all of the different repositories in a single course. Hope that helps!

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Thanks @dwhipp3980 - I did do a search before posting this, but didn’t find your question. I’ve read the answers, and I will create a new organisation for each offering. That will create the most organisations, but each will be only for that offering, so less potential confusion.