🎊 New Look for GitHub Classroom Dashboard

:wave: Hey Educators,

We have recently released a new look for the GitHub Classroom Dashboard!


Please let us know what you think.


This is cool. :blush:

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Hi, the individual class widgets say “latest assignments” but show the oldest(!) assignments. Kind regards, Thomas

Also, the coloured widget title background introduces a lot of noise and makes class names harder to read.

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I like the new look and feel, but the filter/search option seems like it’s not working yet.

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I like the new look. Will there be any additional features or enhancements that we can expect coming up?

This looks good

I agree with the comment about a lot of noise.

In the previous iteration it showed the icon for the organization. I was able to use that icon to visually filter out all but the current term. In this iteration its just a lot of classrooms in a list. While its pretty, it is a step back in functionality. My vote is for functional over pretty. Filtering or sorting or something is needed to make this useful.


I agree 100% with Paula. I suppose my new process will be to delete the Classroom once the term is over, perhaps that’s what I was supposed to do all along.

Either way though, I think the organization icon needs to be displayed. I use the same icon in multiple platforms for a given course and it makes switching between Canvas, Github, Travis, and Classroom much cleaner when everything just looks the same.

Nice Initiative

They have added a search feature. Does this aid you in any way?

Yes. This is helpful. I include the class and the term in the description so I can now just see this terms classes.

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