My School email doesnt get verified

My School email have a .SCH.ID domain . maybe it look unusual to you . but it is actually a school domain for indonesia .

i try to apply github student pack with my school email with SCH.ID TLD and guess what . i get email saying that my academic status cannot be verified

Github . please add SCH.ID as approved school email . because it is clearly school email and i really need a Student Pack

sorry for bad english

Hi ahlamls,

If you do not have a school-issued email address, or your application using a school-issued email address is denied, you may use the “I do not have a school-issued email” drop-down option to attach supplementary photo proof of enrollment:

Make sure your proof of enrollment is official and is dated to show that you are currently enrolled.

Applications are generally processed within a few days, but may take longer in peak periods such as the start of a new semester.