My guides to using GitHub Classroom for teachers and students

Great information Jacob! We are going to try to use GitHub Classroom in our software development class starting soon. I like your ideas on how to use orgs to manage master/session assignments, however I could figure out how to request unlimited private repos as the form requires me to enter the # of them we’ll need when I don’t know what that number will be. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Kevin

@codecrew-code-school just give a rough guestimate–I don’t think it needs to be too accurate

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I’m super pumped to use this script, but I’m running into an issue where it is getting the list of my student’s assignment repos but it is saying that the repo isn’t found.

I’ve tried it on ssh and https (I don’t have 2FA enabled). Any help would be appreciated!

@mrcooleymathman this will be hard for me to solve unless you provide a reproducible example. If you’re using a Windows machine, that could be the source of the problem, and will make it impossible for me to fix. Otherwise, my guess would be that there might be a spelling mistake when you entered the organization name and assignment into the program. If you can’t fix it on your own, you should leave a detailed issue report on the GitHub repo, and you will most likely have to add me to your classroom as an owner so that I can reproduce the error.

@jfiksel Fair enough. I’m going to give it a little more time troubleshooting. I am on a Mac.

I have a question though: in your tutorial you use the name of your github classroom for the organization (in the script) not the name of the organization that houses your github classroom. When I do that, nothing shows up. When I put the name of the organization in their it will get a list of the repos but it won’t be able to clone them (it says the repo wasn’t found).

In your helper script should I put org_name/classroom_name or classroom_name?

Also, I have to ssh keys on my system (one for personal and one for work) if that matters.

Thanks for your help!

@mrcooleymathman I’m not sure what you mean, the organization is simply linked to GitHub Classroom. If the name of the organization you’re using for a certain semester is intro-statistics-fall-2018 then that is what you should input in the script, as I do in the GIF in the tutorial. Any more detailed questions about the script would probably better as an issue in the repo. This could also be an SSH problem. One easy way to see if that is the problem is to manually clone an individual repo from the class and see if it works.

@jfiksel Thanks for the reply. I must have missed the fact that your org and your classroom are named the same thing. Sorry.

I’m guessing this could be an SSH issue. I can clone an individual repo it works fine. I have my config set up to use my work ssh when I add ‘dtech’ to in the ssh. e.g.

I’ve tried using ssh and https and I get a message saying that the repo isn’t found for both and a warning that I might not have permissions when I use ssh. I’ve just been using my github login password for both. That right?

I’m new to a lot of this so I apologize if the way I’m going about this is obnoxious. I really appreciate you trying to help.

When I use ssh I get the following error message:

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
Cloning into ‘unit-2-programming-assignment’…
ERROR: Repository not found.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

@mrcooleymathman this is not the thread for solving individual problems. I would find someone more local to you that is familiar with GitHub and can help you out.

Fair enough. Thanks.

Thanks jfiksel (and konzy) for these scripts!

In case it helps anybody else, I ended up using a personal access token instead of my password. Somehow, I couldn’t get my I’m-sure-it-works-otherwise password to work, but the access token did work. After setting up the access token, I literally just use it in place of the password.

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Sorry for the super late reply @roualdes but I added using personal access tokens into the guides, for those who have 2FA set up. Thanks!

@jfiksel, Thanks for the tutorial. We’ve been using GitHub and PRs for several years in our classes but recently started using classroom. I wrote a Python script to automate the grading PRs that you may want to mention in your guide:

Also, this grading script requires people use the template repository feature. You just need to click the “Template Repository” checkbox on the master repo, and use “import starter code from a template repository.” All history in the master repo is removed, which is necessary for my PR script to run correctly.

Thanks again!