My frustration filing a GitHub Classroom specific help ticket

How to file GitHub Classroom specific support ticket to get help these days?

I found this, but this seems like general GitHub Education inquiries given the drop-down of choices…

I swear there used to be a GitHub Classroom specific place for filing help tickets, but it seems to have disappeared in lieu of normal GitHub Support route…

I really need help with this. I can post in a separate thread here, but some of it contains student usernames and is not FERPA compliant (i.e. specific notifications for specific students). Where should I file this type of ticket to get help @ohitsmekatie ?

The GitHub Classroom infrastructure is now being developed relying on the standard GitHub workflow and tools (to improve stability and let the classroom grow as an official GH product). So, go ahead and file a ticket in GitHub official support.

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Thanks, @pattacini .

So you mean post on the community forum then right? Or am I missing something? None of the default options provided to triage questions are appropriate to getting specific help with a repo or set of repos.

I believe that GitHub Education - GitHub Support is appropriate.
Then, the category GitHub Classroom should be broad enough, although I don’t see how picking up a different one will prevent you from receiving a swift reply from GitHub anyway as it always happens :wink:

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:wave: Hi @delrocco !

@pattacini is correct. You are welcome to submit a GitHub Classroom Support ticket at GitHub Education - GitHub Support and select the GitHub Classroom category:

Your ticket will be directed to our support team, and they will be able to guide you.



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