My first semester using GitHub at Rice University

Stellar educator and all-around great community member @danwallach debriefs on his first semester using–and building–GitHub tools.

Thanks for such a nice article. I should mention that I never would have been able to do it without following Omar Shaikh’s lead.

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@Omarasifshaikh ^ :smile:

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Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I have a question: do you have to pay to use Travis in a setup where students have private repos? Isn’t Travis free to use only for public source?

Travis offers a free tier of service for educators with private repos as in GitHub Classroom. The only catch is that you’ll only get one build at a time. They want to charge for higher levels of concurrency. Around deadlines, this meant our Travis build queue took several hours to drain.

I cautioned students not to rely on Travis, when they could run the exact same checks on their local machine. However, if they were passing on their machine and failing on Travis, that probably means they forgot to commit or push a file. In this way, Travis serves as a safety net for some of the issues faced by beginning Git users.

Of course, you could investigate other cloud CI systems. If you find something else and they’re willing to offer a higher degree of concurrency for free, let us all know!