Multiple repositories for single assignment

I’m trying to use Classrooms to automatically collect all students’ work within the classroom and, so our Organization (to be exposed as material and result of the course).
However, a part from the objectives, I would like to create a classroom and an assignment (individual or group) and let students create multiple repositories for the single assignment. So, for instance, if the assignment is “create a Web of Things system to collect the temperature of a room” the students would need to create:

  • a repository for the backend app
  • a repository for a front-end app
    And some other students would need to create, in addition, a further repository for a mobile app, or a further repository for the firmware of a device.
    How can I manage it? I don’t know how many repos students will need for the same assignment :smiley:

I hope the situation is clear.
Is there anyone that can help me? The github support didn’t :smiley:

Welcome to the community

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Hi @tmontanaro

What you’re aiming to do is simply not possible with the current structure of GitHub Classroom (GHC), where instead one assignment is used to generate one repository for each student or groups of students.

Thus, if you want to stick to GHC, then you’d need to redesign your assignment, which I think is perfectly doable: ask students to create branches – even orphan branches – within their own assignment repo in place of using multiple repositories.


Thank you very much.
The orphan branches are actually a possible solution.

However, we use classrooms also to let people entering the repository for the first time know that it is a project developed for the course :smiley:
If they create branches, as I know, they will not be linked to the assignment (and so to the course organization).

I believe that the GHC dashboard will display the list of students’ repos anyway, regardless of the branches. In turn, the text of the assignment should clearly state that the repository is organized over different branches that you can point at from the file in the main branch.

Probably, some functionalities of the GHC won’t be working as expected, like the automatic PR and the grading system.

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