Multiple courses One Classroom?

(Yusuf Pisan) #1

I am teaching multiple courses next quarter and would like to setup different classrooms, but it looks like each organization is limited to one classroom.

Do I just lump all students into one classroom? How do I set the visibility of repositories/assignments so students only see their version?



(Chris Cannon) #2

@pisanuw, it is recommended that you use a different organization and classroom for each semester of each class. For my class, I use the naming convention school-course-semester to name each organization. For example, for the Spring 2019 section of Computer Science 167, I will have NCAT-COMP167-Spring2019. This does involve requesting multiple organization discounts, but the process is relatively quick.

(Yusuf Pisan) #3

Thanks, applied for organizational discounts.

But also wow, I teach ~8 courses per year that would mean ~40 organizations after 5 years. That is a lot of organizations to keep track of even with systematic naming. Might have to find a way to recycle things. I appreciate GitHub’s free private repositories, but need to minimize the umber of things to do at the beginning of the quarter.