Multiple courses One Classroom?

I am teaching multiple courses next quarter and would like to setup different classrooms, but it looks like each organization is limited to one classroom.

Do I just lump all students into one classroom? How do I set the visibility of repositories/assignments so students only see their version?



@pisanuw, it is recommended that you use a different organization and classroom for each semester of each class. For my class, I use the naming convention school-course-semester to name each organization. For example, for the Spring 2019 section of Computer Science 167, I will have NCAT-COMP167-Spring2019. This does involve requesting multiple organization discounts, but the process is relatively quick.

Thanks, applied for organizational discounts.

But also wow, I teach ~8 courses per year that would mean ~40 organizations after 5 years. That is a lot of organizations to keep track of even with systematic naming. Might have to find a way to recycle things. I appreciate GitHub’s free private repositories, but need to minimize the umber of things to do at the beginning of the quarter.

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At my campus, several instructors use GitHub Classroom. It is tedious to create a new organization for each course and get it approved each time. We have now made one organization for the university and everyone uses it for their courses.

@waqarsaleem actually, GitHub has changed considerably the way teachers get discounts now. The approval is no longer given to the organization itself but rather to the teacher per se, meaning that the teacher - once granted - can authorize any org outright. This remains true for a quite long period of time. Once expired, the teacher will be required to ask the grant again.

Said that, I’m not a fan of multi-orgs approach either, although I can see its advantage in keeping the main org clean. One way would be to archive orgs and use a bot to retain access to them (see e.g.

Yeah, we are several approved instructors at my university now. So hopefully, we can keep on approving our main (university) organization whenever its approval reaches expiration.

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I’m new to using Classroom (not GitHub). I’ll use the term “section” as it’s defined in this domain model.

There’s a different TA per section. Where are the docs to explain how to set up TAs permissions? I want them to be able to grade the submissions within a section.

I’m thinking that a simplification of the course-to-section problem is to just use the LMS (which has solved this). When students submit their work, the paste the GitHub link in the LMS submission. Of course, they can still change the code, after the LMS has been invoked.

I’m frankly disappointed that “sections” as an abstraction aren’t explicit. I’ve been using Moodle for 10+ years and ease for instructors has been a low priority. Moodle has an excuse (it’s open source and resources are limited), but I hope GitHub Classroom won’t make this error of ignoring that. Universities with large numbers of students will use the section mechanism, and those are the universities who will want easier ways to handle large numbers of submissions.

I can see the problem here. Luckily at my university, instructors almost always agree to keep all sections tightly synchronized in terms of assignments. The only issue is that I have to sift through the downloaded repositories to find those from my section only.