Moodle integration and bulk link to GH accounts


I’ve set up a GH organization for a subject, which I manage from my university Moodle site. I’ve configured the Moodle site integration and I can import and sync with Moodle the students names, emails or IDs into the corresponding GH Classroom. I know that I can set up an assignment with a link that once sent to the students, they can then choose which member of the organization corresponds to their identity, thereby linking their GH user to the organization member.

Therefore, the students (1st year BSc biology freshmen) need to properly perform the following two steps:

  1. Create a GitHub account.
  2. Link their GitHub account to their member identity in the GH organization of the subject.

I’m somewhat worried that a large fraction of these students, where most of them may have not heard about GH before, will encounter difficulties in these two steps.

So, I would like to know if there are strategies to automatize these two steps. I’ve been searching this forum and from this post, it seems that there’s no way create GH accounts in bulk, importing the Moodle student information.

For the step two, I see that one can upload the student names in the organization, but is there a way to upload the names and their GH usernames in bulk?



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Hi @rcastelo,

I do not have a solution for the bulk import but I had similar worries when I started using GH Classroom with freshmen. I created a video tutorial where I showed them everything by creating two dummy student accounts that go through the whole process of signing up and accepting an assignment as a group etc. This largely eliminated problems since the students could see beforehand what they would need to do.

I personally think that they should create their own accounts since they might use them even after university.


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Hi @hochleitner,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Creating a video tutorial it’s an excellent suggestion and I agree that creating their own accounts it’s not such a big deal and will probably be useful for them in the future. I still, however, do not understand why there is no a more or less automatic way for the instructor to associate the GH accounts with the GH-classroom accounts. I find the step where they have to choose they identity in the classroom rather troubling from an instructor perspective, because one student can take the identity of another student. I know students can do all sorts of tricks anyway, but it would look kind of safer for the instructor, and also legally i think, if the instructor could bulk-upload what GH username corresponds to what GH classroom identity.



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I totally agree with you @rcastelo, I also find this step a bit worrying. Maybe the GH Classroom team will listen and provide additional ways to do the assignment of GH users to real-world names.

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