Module 4 Exercise 1: Student programs

(Federico Bassetti) #161

We are a relatively large campus as a state university. There are very small student powered tech communities and often siloed in their own department. However, there is great potential as coding and development are pretty much across every discipline.
Gaps are in the ability to bring together a group and sustain it, faculties will play a key role in providing that direction. The ability to easily have access to resources and come up to speed is another key factor, so that the students, become active and self starters and don’t have to be constraint by the academic infrastructure.

The developer pack is great. The Campus Expert program is a great option to have, it would be great if there were school that could adopt it toward credits. Could be a great fit for community colleges. In my college we have a program called Passport, students collect learning experience points, I see a great fit for the Campus Expert.

As a faculty I can help our community grow starting with my own activities, classes especially. GitHub is becoming an incredible resource, perhaps a hidden gem for educator still. I am looking at making my courses Agile, for that I am looking at integration of boards to support the overall class experience. I’m looking into a syllabus as backlog in a kanban, stories that are connected to branches.
I’m looking into developing/adopting/reusing classroom presence themes, as instructors we often struggle with being scattered across many tools LMS don’t integrate well, syllabus and schedules are old technologies. So being able to freshen up using real-world tool would be crucial to positively impact our students on the receiving hand.

I look forward to being an avid adopter and hope to be an active promoter and contributor in my community.
@mozzadrella Grazie Mille! for your training and bringing us GitHub Education.