Module 3 Exercise 2: Merge conflicts

(Younes Charfaoui) #121

I did Create a Situation Where a merge conflict happened using then I resolved it.

(Ravi Tomar) #122

Merged!! Please See :slight_smile:

(Kangwon Lee (Education)) #123

(Petri Salo) #124

No merge conflict at this time.

(Asaolu Elijah) #125

(BJ Selby) #126

(Mayur Patil (मयूर पाटील)) #127

Hi @mozzadrella, completed on without any merge conflicts. Also requested your review on the same.

(Sathish G) #128


Please find my screenshot for this module

(Federico Bassetti) #129

I created a merge conflict using a different file
I resolved the conflict and completed the merge.

Note: i generated a dummy extra file, which i didn’t track, removed at the end.

(P Buda) #130

(Alexander Babich) #131

My 3.3 task

(Purusothaman Gd) #132

Here I have enclosed module-3 exercise 2 solution screen shot