Module 3 Exercise 2: Merge conflicts

(Dave Avis) #101

Made changes to a group project.

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(Ja League) #106

I confess that I am really confused by Module 3. The assignment numbers don’t seem to match the assignments in the doc (the header of this thread is 3-2 but it has the text of 3-4 in the readme). I can’t find teams with other users to join, and the assignment seems to tell me to push my changes to the Group Assignment file (which I did) then at the bottom it asks me to post a screenshot of a ‘pull request’ which it did not ask me to create. There are no merge conflicts. Help?

(Guido) #107

I had self-made a mess and then I had clean every

thing (?!)

(Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew) #108

Dear @mozzadrella

Here is the solution for Module 3 Exercise 2. Here are the screenshots for two branches that I see that they are merged successfully after my pull request

Thank you for your slide and exercise.

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(Peter Frühwirt) #110

Here is my solution.

(elverton fazzion) #111

I simulated two students (Rafael and Jose) committing their information to the file to force a conflict. Rafael and Jose cloned the same branch’s repository but Rafael has pushed his changes before Jose.

(Subramanya Vajiraya) #112

@mozzadrella, i seem to have made a mistake. instead of joining a team, I created a new one. Hence no Merge conflict. But I did simulate one locally.

No conflicts on remote:

(Waleed El-Badry) #113

Assignment 3.2 :man_technologist:

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I seems not to have merge conflict. Although we are just two in my group after i joined.

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Hey, @mozzadrella! Here’s my submission for this exercise :smiley:

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(Mandy Neumann) #120

At first I was jumping into the assignment too quickly and forgot that it’s about creating a habit with pull requests… So I just updated the .md on master. Gave it a second try afterwards. :wink: