Module 3 Exercise 2: Merge conflicts

(Patrick Reimers) #61

Sorry, no merge conflicts.

(Edward A. Roualdes) #62

(Héricles Emanuel) #63

(Cfcortesmx) #64

No merging problems!

(Brian Crites) #65

Posting the new commit merged into master rather than a pull request. Hopefully, that isn’t an issue.

(Paul Inventado) #66

Pull request with merge conflicts

Resolving conflicts

Successful merge

In case it helps anybody, you can clone the repository to your computer then edit the file on Github to create a conflict. On your computer create a branch then edit the same file. When you do a pull request it will now see the conflict and ask you to resolve the issues. It helps when you type in text in the same location so it won’t be able to merge automatically. For example, change the name on github and on your local copy.

(George Stavrinos) #67

(Pedro Prieto) #68

Hi there,

No conflicts either (solo team) :wink:

(Osvaldo Jimenez) #69

(Chris Cannon) #70

Hi @polbene95! It looks like this is a commit added to the repository, which is step one of what we’re looking for. This module is about collaboration, so if this is on a branch other than master, please open a pull request and share a screenshot! If this commit is on your master branch, please create a new branch, add a commit, and open a pull request.

(Chris Cannon) #71

@PReimers it looks like this is a commit on the master branch, not a pull request. Can you make a change via a PR for this module please? Thanks!

(Chris Cannon) #72

@roualdes do you have a pull request in this repository you can show?

(Chris Cannon) #73

Thanks for the tip @pinventado :100:

(Patrick Reimers) #74


Sorry, the task didn’t mention anything about an other branch or a different remote.
I thought we should stick with the task notes.

Could you please tell me what I have to do exactly?

(Chris Cannon) #75

No you’re absolutely right @PReimers my mistake, I was making assumptions! You submission is fine!

cc @polbene95

(Antonio Gámez) #76


(Paula Waite) #77

(Vladimir Jovanović) #78

I know that I am suppose to create a new branch and then create a new pull request, but let’s just say that I’ve forgot :smile: so, sorry about that.

(Kevin ROBERT) #79

No conflict

(J Rice) #80