Module 3 Exercise 2: Merge conflicts

(Chris Cannon) #41

Nicely done @markpatterson27 , glad you were able to force the merge conflict! We are working on clearing up those instructions. :100:

(Ivonetafe) #42

Made changes on master branch and pushed to remote repository. (Not sure if you wanted it done on a branch.)

(Clara) #43

(Lescano Micaela) #44

There were no problems, which makes me think I should had worked on different branches. instead of working on master.
I will repeat this assignment :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lescano Micaela) #45

Still no problems here.

@mozzadrella Am I doing this right?

(Jaime Rabasco Ronda) #46

(Sara Marín-López) #47

I didn’t have any merge conflicts since the master timeline was not changed.

(Vasil Markov) #48

I didn’t have any conflicts. First work on master branch then change to new one but still no conflicts.

(Dr. Ayaz H. Khan) #49

(Yann Thierry-Mieg) #50

Some live stuff here, integrating student data back in, with some tricky back and forth updates across separate forks.

Or just browse some of my repos on github.

(Nathan Eloe) #51

(Christian Nievas) #52

No merge conflicts

(Chris Cannon) #53

It is preferred that changes are done on a separate branch, so that you can see the merge process taking place. That isn’t made clear in the instructions so thanks for bringing that up! :100:

(Chris Cannon) #54

This is correct @LescanoMicaela, there’s not always conflicts

(Baptiste Pesquet) #55

I started my own team and worked on a separate branch. Hope it’s ok.

(Konstantin) #56

(Chris Jones) #57

(Lluisgarciapons) #58

I did clone it locally, modify the file on the text editor, modify the same file from the GitHub editor, then add-commit-push, clean the conflicts and push it again.
There are that many commits because at first there weren’t conflicts at all, and I wanted some.

(Pol Benedito Momplet) #59

(Jason T. Mickel) #60