Module 3 Exercise 2: Merge conflicts

(Vanessa) #1

Exercise: Pull requests and merge conflicts

  1. Accept the group assignment, join a team, and gain access to a shared repository.
  2. From the shared repository on, clone the repository down to your local machine.
  3. Edit the “Group Assignment” markdown file in your text editor.
  4. Save it out, stage the changes and push to the Module 3 repository.
  5. Resolve any merge conflicts that arise.

Post a screenshot of your pull request to a group project here.

(Clara) #2

Does it matter which team we join? Thanks!

(Vanessa) #3

@minneapolis-edu feel free to join a team, or start your own.

(Richard) #4

I know you didn’t ask for a screenshot, but I’ve gotten used to it now :stuck_out_tongue:

(François Roland) #5

(Mike Crabb) #6

(Vanessa) #7

@barnsza :sparkles:

(Omal Perera) #8

(Derek Land) #9

no merging… no conflicts…

(Miren Berasategi) #10

Oh well. Did not join any team, so no pull request, no conflicts, no merge.

(Vanessa) #11

Did you want to join an existing team? I see Mod3team has a few members:

(Paola Corrales) #12

Here is the screenshot! No merge conflict this time :thinking:

(Ricardo Martin Marcucci) #13

Here my screenshot, no merge conflict.

(Vitor Rios) #14

In the repository with the videos, there should be a mention that the group assignment is in this thread :wink: