Module 3 Exercise 1: Pull requests

(Rsolisuaz) #122

This is a snapshot of Exercise 3.1

(Jstaso) #123

(Claudio Santoro) #124

A fresh PR here!

(Roman Yasinovskyy) #125

I never did PR to myself, always pushing directly into the repository. I can see how it can be useful in a course though.

(John Simonsen) #126


(Mahesh Chugani) #128

(Brian Emilius) #129

All done. However, I cannot @mention or add Chris as a reviewer as he is not a collaborator on my repo.

(Irina) #130

Here’s my pull request. To @mozzadrella and @ccannon94, I think this exercise is somewhat confusing as it is now so It would be great if you can clarify it on the two points below for future students:

  1. A push to remote master branch is required before pushing new branch with questions, otherwise only one (new branch) is created on the remote and so no pull request is possible as there is only one branch. This is obvious after doing the exercises but not for someone new to pull requests.

  2. The assignment currently asks to just create a repo on GitHub, which most people interpret as personal GitHub, and in that case Chris cannot be assigned as a reviewer as asked because he is not a collaborator on the project (that’s my guess at least to why). There seems to be tons of screenshots where he is not a reviewer because of that, and the ones where he is are all created within Campus-Advisors organization, which is not what the assignment asks.

Anyway, this is minor of course, but I ended up spending way more time on this assignment than necessary so hopefully these comments are helpful for others. Thank you for making Campus Advisors possible, I am really enjoying it so far.

(Nasseef Abukamail) #131

(Lebedevdes) #132

(José Luis Raffalli) #133

(Sarah Dukes) #134

(Chris Cannon) #135

Thanks for that feedback @irinagain! We’re reworking this flow for the next version of the training.

(Cynthia Teeters) #136

(Eric Allen) #137

(Dominique Charlebois) #138

(Chris Cannon) #140
  1. So if merge conflicts arise, git will ask for a human to decide which pieces of code, or if all of the code, should be kept. This is covered in depth later on, so I imagine your question was answered later in this module.

(Domincl) #141

Was not able to add Chris @ccannon94 as a reviewer as he is not a collaborator in my personal repo. I have self assigned the pull request instead.

(Shangni Hu) #142