Module 3 Exercise 1: Pull requests

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My pull request and me commenting to myself.

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Looks good @barnsza. If there are questions in the PR you’d like answered, feel free to add me as a reviewer :sparkles:

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@jaimerabasco did I respond to this pull request? I can’t seem to find it anywhere :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for submitting your screenshot! :tada:

Re your question:

In GitHub Classroom you might ask your students to create branches for certain tasks as part of their project.

When they are ready to merge these branches they could do this locally or use a Pull Request (PR) on the GitHub web UI.

PRs are a really nice way for students to check over the changes between the branches before committing them to master.

The Files changed tab is especially useful here for checking over the changes. :sparkles:

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Hi @isg75 :wave:

Just to reply to your comments on the PR here.

The term “Pull” can be a bit confusing - but think of it like:

“I am asking the owner of the repository (this could be you) to check over the changes I have made and then if they are happy for them to pull them into the master branch (or whatever branch you have selected as the base)”.

Hope that helps :sparkles:

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Here my pull request!!

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Most important question ever. @ccannon94

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Here’s my pull request.