Module 3 Exercise 1: Pull requests

(Max Hudnell) #62

my pr!

(Michael Cullen) #63

(Ricardo Martin Marcucci) #64

Here is my PR

(Chris Cannon) #65

@ConsoleFriend if Vanessa hasn’t already addressed your question, I’d be more than happy to if you add me as a collaborator.

(Eduardo Gutierrez) #66

@mozzadrella @ccannon94 : Was a little confusing this exercise. I couldnt add you as reviewer nor collaborator. And is a public repository. Perhaps i wanted to added after the repo was created…

Also i think ( from my point of view, im not sure is correct, but at least its my interpretation of the Exercise )in the statement there are some steps missed: when you create in local, then add and commit, assign a remote and push to github in master branch. Then going back to terminal add new branch, checkout to it, create the file, add it and commit, then push from local questionbranch to remote github.

What i did in local:

(Docmilo) #67

Here is my solution to Module 3 exercise 1, creating a pull request.

(Chris Cannon) #68

@ddland it does not, you would still have to add @mozzadrella as a collaborator for her to be able to respond. Feel free to add me if you’d like a response now!

(Chris Cannon) #69

Looks right to me @ejgutierrez74 :100:

(Ivonetafe) #70

Here is my module3 branch change and pull request.

(Lescano Micaela) #71

Took a couple of tries, but here it is!

(Jaime Rabasco Ronda) #72

(Vasil Markov) #73

(Sara Marín-López) #74

(Ali Bayram) #75

I don’t know which one is correct. I add Chris as a reviewer in first try and mentioned in the second.

(Dr. Ayaz H. Khan) #76

Here it is the screenshot, sorry for late upload.

(Isg75) #77


Here is my screenshot

(Yann Thierry-Mieg) #78

An example PR

Here is an older one that went through :

(Nathan Eloe) #79

(Michael Clausen) #80

(Christian Nievas) #81