Module 3 Exercise 1: Pull requests

(Vanessa) #21

Just gave you feedback :slight_smile:

(Vanessa) #22

@bensoltoff if you want feedback, please tag me, @mozzadrella

(Mike Zamansky) #23

A screenshot of my pullrequest:

(Miren Berasategi) #24

Here’s the screenshot of my pull request:

(Vanessa) #25

Hi @zamansky tag me if you’d like a :raised_hand: :sparkles:

(Mike Zamansky) #26

So I guess I’m supposed to tag @mozzadrella. Here’ goes.

(Paola Corrales) #27

This was challenging! :sweat_smile:

(Rishabh Bansal) #28

Hi @mozzadrella, This is my Module 3.1 exercise submission. :slight_smile:

(JuanMa) #29

(Vitor Rios) #30

no real questions about pull requests, but the tracking branch thing had me a little confused