Module 3 Exercise 1: Pull requests

(Vanessa) #1

Module 3: Group work

You’ve mastered all the elements of individual work, where students are working solo on their own repositories. Now we’re going to go over how students can collaborate on technical projects and we’ll start with the GitHub flow.

Accept Module 3


Exercise: Pull requests

  1. On the command line, create repository for Module 3 and a readme file.
  2. On, create a module 3 repo and add it as a remote.
  3. In your terminal, create a new branch with a document, and write down any remaining questions you have about pull requests.
  4. Add a remote tracking branch and push to it.
  5. On, open a pull request with the branch that has your questions–you can mention me @mozzadrella as a reviewer or in the comments to answer them.
  6. Post a screenshot of your pull request here.

(Clara) #2

One PR :slight_smile:

(Vanessa) #3

Yay! :sparkles: @minneapolis-edu go ahead and merge it!

(Clara) #4

@mozzadrella all done!

(François Roland) #5

(Richard) #6

(Reza M) #7

(Mike Crabb) #8


(Omal Perera) #9

Another one completed :blush: interesting!

(Mario Jorge Pereira) #10

(Mario Jorge Pereira) #11


(Luigi Menale) #12

(James ODonnell) #13

(namdi) #14

(Randy Johnson) #15

First pull request:

(Nasseef Abukamail) #16

(Derek Land) #17

Now wondering if the private repository allows a mentioned person to access the comments…

(Péter Kalicz) #18

Here is the screenshot of my pull request @mozzadrella!

(Evan Misshula) #19

Here is my pull request screen shot

(Benjamin Soltoff) #20