Module 2 Exercise 4: Workflow and assignments with Classroom

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I have course development repository in former VS TeamServices. Now I plan to have separate ones for each course, this is a faculty only repo. I create a startup repository that becomes the one for the students to clone.

Reference: Commit is the new save
I ask my students to commit every time they make a change.

One liners, starting with a what (add, create, modify, delete, etc) as atomic as possible.
They do get it once it is project time and face real issues.

As often as they check their phone.
For individual assignments as often as they can. For a team project, always. As long as they are pushing to a working branch. For master or solution branch, after testing and peer-reviewed, must use PR in this case.

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. 1. I will most likely use the repository for certain modules in my course (Robotics, Python, and Unity). I will put sample code and instructions.
2. I will expect commits twice a week to track progress.
3. I think they will have certain specific benchmarks to complete and commit. These will have specific content that will be graded. Other lesser commits are up to the student’s own work flow.
4. I work by the rule save and save often. Each day I expect progress to be pushed to GitHub (the computer ate my code will not work).

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I’ll use one repository per subject per course with a boilerplate for the student to finish. Now, my materials live in Moodle, but next year I’ve planned to push it into GitHub Pages

I expect my students to commit frequently. One commit per task, but only if the code compiles

Messages must express the main reason of those changes.

At the end of each working session, so they can continue working at home

I’ve created an assignment for a task consisting in creating a basic Notepad in java.

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I imagine using this tool for courses that require student collaboration since private repositories can be created.
All course materials and assignments will be kept in a private repository.
I expect students to commit right after receiving the link to an assignment.
Commit messages should reflect steps taken to solving a problem.
I would encourage students to push their codes after each commit as that would help instructors know which student is actively working on an assignment.

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Module 2 Exercise 5 Reflection Question 1
I hope to use this tool to distribute starter code and have students work in small groups. I envision sharing the code with them and having them work together on the assignments and submit their final code.

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I intend to start by just keeping select assignments and larger projects in repositories. I feel like I will have much duplication with my LMS (Moodle). I wonder about integration…
Students should commit when they make changes to the assignments. Looking at commits should allow for insight to how they came to a solution. Commit messages should be concise, yet descriptive enough to show the flow of their thinking. Code should be pushed to GitHub once it is complete.

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I never knew github had an amazing feature for this as well

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We’re already using this tool for assignments, providing instructions and starter code. Everything is kept in private repos. We ask students to commit each step of their development with descriptive message and to push as often as possible to Github, so that trainers can keep an eye on their work and learning curve.

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Very nice these classrooms! Works very well

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Please find my screenshot for the exercise 2.5

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Here I have enclosed exercise 2.5 solutions

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I intend to use the organizations as the central point for code templates and individual/grupal assignments. Track down who is working in a consistent pace and who is rushing out to finish before deadline.