Module 2 Exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo

(Kevin ROBERT) #162


(J Rice) #163

Both planets information is there on the second planet branch.

(Dejan Čurk) #164

(Harun Umar) #165

@mozzadrella here is my module 2 exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo. The file shows the first planet from the master branch. It shows the new planet when you checkout to the new Branch.

(Mari Potgieter) #166

My “saturn” branch will contain information about both planets, but if we go back to master it will only have information about the first planet.

(Ethan McGee) #167

(Bhavin Jawade) #168

Screenshot for Exercise 2.3.

(John Simonsen) #169

(Crcdcomp) #170