Module 2 Exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo

(Kevin ROBERT) #162


(J Rice) #163

Both planets information is there on the second planet branch.

(Dejan Čurk) #164

(Harun Umar) #165

@mozzadrella here is my module 2 exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo. The file shows the first planet from the master branch. It shows the new planet when you checkout to the new Branch.

(Mari Potgieter) #166

My “saturn” branch will contain information about both planets, but if we go back to master it will only have information about the first planet.

(Ethan McGee) #167

(Bhavin Jawade) #168

Screenshot for Exercise 2.3.

(John Simonsen) #169

(Crcdcomp) #170

(ilya apalkov) #171


(Rafadavis) #172

For the branch commit, I replaced the paragraph of the first planet with the one of the second. Even though the instructions were to add it, I decided that the idea was probably to replace it, since it was a branch of a different planet.
Anyway, the results were what I was expecting


(Rsolisuaz) #173

Snaphot of exercise 2.4 Wikipedia switcheroo

(Jstaso) #174

Had to re-do the exercise because I mistakenly thought the objective was to REPLACE the text, but after re committing, The branch has both planets while the master has only the first.

(Jared Rigby) #175

Both planets’ details are listed as the branching happened after the first commit on the master branch.

(Eric Allen) #176

(Ja League) #177

master branch shows version of readme with one planet (Jupiter).
newbranch shows addition of second planet (Mercury).

(Harun Umar) #178

Switching to the new branch shows the information about both planets. When you go back to the master branch, the file only shows information about the first planet. @mozzadrella

(Harun Umar) #179

Yes @rafadavis the idea is to add the information of the new planet to the file, which will only show up when you view the content while on the new branch. When you checkout to the master branch, it will only show the content of one planet.
I hope this helps.

(Roman Yasinovskyy) #180

As expected, information about both planets shows up in the new branch. Only 1 paragraph is in the master branch.

(Nguyễn Đức Chiến) #181

The for the new branch has both planets.