Module 2 Exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo

(Thomas Sauerwald) #141

(Brian Crites) #142

(George Stavrinos) #143


Both are present in newBranch

(John Stewart) #145

(Bgarnb) #146

The readme file has both planets. I have used the start notepad++ as I cannot use correctly the atom editor in windows 10. Here is my screenshot

Thank you

(Gazihan Alankus) #147

(Pedro Prieto) #148


Here are my screenshots. The file shows both planets.


(Rpastorvargas) #149

The output shows the two planet’s descriiption (you are using the new branch…). You can see a diferent readme for the master branch.

(Osvaldo Jimenez) #150

committed first info on master branch before branching out to this poltergeist branch. New branch would have the second planet if I would have made the new branch first, switch back to the master branch and then committed info on first planet to the master branch, and then checked out the new branch and committed info on the second planet to the new branch

(Caponte94) #151

the two planets are shown, but if we go back to the master branch, only the first one is shown

(sr_boro) #152

Hi all,
My readme file shows the descriptions of both planets, since we made the branch just after oir first planet commit. Thus, our starting point in the readme file for the brancj is the description of the first planet.

(Olaosebikan Rotimi) #153

(Ed) #154

The file in the branch contains text for both planets chosen. The file in the master branch shows the text for the first planet. The output is shown for both branches below:

(Dawid Zalewski) #155

Both planets are in the new branch.

(Nikola Dašić) #156

(Antonio Gámez) #157

The branch will have information about both planets (we added, not replaced), but if we go back into master it will only have information about the first.

(Vladimir Jovanović) #159

(John Isaacs) #160

It shows the second plant as you are still on the second branch?

(Paula Waite) #161

Module 2 Exercise 3: Both planets’ info is included in the