Module 2 Exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo

(Aaron Gullickson) #81

Both planets are shown in the new branch.

(Ayush Bhardwaj) #82

It shows about both the planet. the new branch created starts at the last commit done.

(Roberto) #83

Since the newbranch was created after commiting the first planet’s information, when we commit the new information, the file shows both planets

However, if we checkout back to the master branch, as this branch is one commit behind newbranch, the file shows just the first planet

(Kaushlendra Pratap) #84

Module 2 - 2.4 done! It is showing both of the branches.

(Patrick Martini) #85

The branch contains the second planet, because in my case, I rewrited de

(Amy Dickens) #86
  • On my master branch only the first entry about Saturn is shown in the :woman_astronaut:

  • On my new branch ‘anotherplanet’ both the entry about Saturn and my new entry about Mercury is shown in the :rocket:

(Matthias) #87

Here’s my screenshot for this exercise

(Chad Purdy) #88

The current branch only shows the second planet’s paragraph.

(Michael Cullen) #89

(Max Hudnell) #90

The file shows the second planet that is added. If we switch back to master, the readme shows the content of the first planet.

(Marcus Jaiclin) #91

I followed the instructions, and with the new branch (from Step 4) checked out, I saw the second planet. When I then checked out the branch ‘master,’ the file contained the first planet, not the second.

(Eduardo Gutierrez) #92

As i quit atom when i was in testbranch, it shows both planets.
When i write the order git checkout testbranch, i went and make commits in that branch.

If i want to go back to master branch: git checkout master
then it would only show the first planet.

(Fraroco) #93

The result shows the first planets because I commits for second planets in an another branch :smiley:

(Ivonetafe) #94

The readme file in the branch contains the text about both planets.

(Docmilo) #95

The readme in the latest branch shows info on both Earth and Jupiter.

(Amy Dickens) #96

How does this look different from your master branch? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #97

Did you follow the branching here?

What is the difference between your two branches? Do you see both planets on both branches? :earth_africa:

(Amy Dickens) #98

Amazing walkthrough here :raised_hands: :tada: :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #99

Great work on this exercise! :+1:

Would you mind sharing a little more about your screenshot? For example - what is the difference between your branches? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #100

If you switch back to the master branch is this still the case? :sparkles: