Module 2 Exercise 3: Wikipedia Switcheroo

(Ronald Chua) #223

Yup, makes perfect sense how git keeps “snapshots” of the work progress. But how does this tie to the “merge” topic? :confused:

(Shreyansh Dwivedi) #224

The master brach shows only first planet and the saturn branch shows info about both the planets.

(Subramanya Vajiraya) #225

Both in new branch:

First in master:

(Levi Sterling) #226

(Mandy Neumann) #227

I also found it a bit confusing and was not sure if I’m asked to replace the text or extend it. I chose the first option since the question is which text is shown. It is of course the second one when I’m on the branch where I created it, and the first one when I’m on master.

(James Munroe) #228

As per the exercise instructions, the new branch contains info about two planets. Switch back to the master branch confirms there is only info about one planet in the readme.

(Burton) #229

While in the new branch the readme shows both entries but when we go back tot he master branch, it only shows the first one.

(Waleed El-Badry) #230

It shows both first and second planet.

(Ola Yusuf) #231

The new branch contain two paragraphs, but only one commit is recognized for the second branch.

(Clarissa Lima Loures) #232

The new branch contains info about two planets like it was to be. If I switch back to the master branch, I can see that is only info about one planet (Jupiter) in the readme. :slight_smile:

The commend was: git show planets

(Akash Ali) #233

The new branch consists the info about two planets and if I switched back to the master branch then it contains info about one planet.

(Guillaume SALVA) #234


(Manbir Singh Marwah) #235

@mozzadrella, here’s my submission for “Module 2 Exercise 3” :smiley:




The file shows the data for both the planets.

(Juha Hinkula) #236

Both in the moreplanets branch but the first one in master branch

(Younes Charfaoui) #237

(Ben Essex) #238

Hello again! With new-branch checked out, shows both, but with master checked out, it only shows the first planet added.

(Ravi Tomar) #239

I could observe that when creating a new branch we don’t create a new readme file but git itself takes care of all the revisions. I can see different versions of file by switching using checkout command.

(Petri Salo) #240

(Kangwon Lee (Education)) #241

Can I use information from NASA?

(eChris) #243

This is quite interesting as the first branch (master) retains the actual content but creating another branch provides extra information not available on the first branch. This is so cool