Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Chris Cannon) #141

Looking good @AndreaRivadossi :100:

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Looks good @jbundt

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:100: @cwoods88keys

(Chris Cannon) #144

Looks good @ayazhassan :100: Will the students be merging tasks back into master?

(Dr. Ayaz H. Khan) #145

@ccannon94: I thought of these as individual tasks, not need to merge.
By the way, how we can use visualizing git in the assignments for students?

(Chris Cannon) #146

@ayazhassan makes sense to me. I’m not sure how useful visualizing git would be useful in an assignment, it is primarily designed to be a learning tool, not an assessment tool. There are great tools in things like GitKraken where students can visualize the repositories they’re actually working on in an assignment.

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looks good @yohanym95 :100:

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Looks like an awesome way to compare different algorithms @ygorcanalli :100: :fire:

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Awesome @rlmckenney. We :sparkling_heart: when assignment reflect real-world workflows like this.

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:100: @akm

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What would your students do on these branches @apersa? Different assignments? Different parts of one assignment?

(Chris Cannon) #152

Looks good @sanoakira :100: Merging is such a great opportunity for code review/feedback

(Chris Cannon) #153

Looks good @hammadmashkoor. Do you think your students will use branches in their assignments? How would they use them?

(Chris Cannon) #154

So would the progress on master be more individual work, group work, or class contributions?

(Amy Dickens) #155

HI @pacomgh - an interesting use of branches here.

Looking at the diagram and your log on the lefthand side I can see what is happening here.

Your new branches are creating themselves inline where you haven’t returned to the master branch before using the git branch [branchname] or git checkout -b [branchname] commands.

When you use git checkout -b [branchname] command you are automatically moved onto the new branch which is why it may seem like different behaviour.

But here it is all about where you are in the tree before creating the branch. Any commits on a new branch will be created inline with the original branch that the new branch stems from.

You can see this behaviour in the wonderwoman branch.

That said it does look there has been a glitch here when creating your ironman branch, as you where on the captainAmerica branch when you did this so it should have stemmed from here. Without seeing the graph at each point of the commands I would struggle to troubleshoot why this happened.

I hope this helps make sense :sparkling_heart:

I’d be interested to hear more about this workflow - when would you be asking students to create a new branch? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #156

It is a great tool! It can really help students understand the “under the hood” workings of version control as having a visual can really help!

How do you think your students will make use of branches? :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #157

Great stuff here! :100::tada:

(Amy Dickens) #158

Nice graph here :sparkles: - how do you think you’ll use branches with your students?

(Amy Dickens) #159

Hi @62ramya seems to be a confusion here between using git branch [branchname] and git checkout -b [branchname].

On some of your log you’ve used a combination of the two by using git branch -b [branchname] which will just perform here like a git branch [branchname] as the -b doesn’t mean anything.

In the git checkout -b [branchname] the -b means 'create a new branch with [branchname] and move me onto this branch.

It’s easy to confuse commands in Git - we all do it! But just be aware that this might have caused the visualiser to behave not as expected :see_no_evil: :sparkles:

Don’t worry that you missed it though - if you tried to do git branch -b in a command line interface it would have flagged an error to tell you about this.

The exercise looks good - nice to see that you would use a branch for each part of the assignment :100: :tada:

(Eduardo Gutierrez) #160

I havent understood what assignment to follow, so ive written a general case. Id create a master branch, with the satatement of the practice and add some starter code. Then the student should open a own branch ( devbranch or workingbranch). Students should commit their work. When they finish their work, they have to merge with the master branch. As i understood from the materials in this community is the master branch the one that is sent or used to teacher to correct the practices.

Simple but effective … :wink: