Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Chris Cannon) #121

@argoc looks great! Who will be reviewing the pull requests out of curiosity? You, a TA, or other students?

(Chris Cannon) #122

Looks good @ktheu, I like the development branch models

(Chris Cannon) #123

Good stuff @vrios! In my lab we often don’t use branches on individual assignments either. Only when we get to larger programs do we implement branching and code review. Both approaches can teach valuable lessons :100:

(Chris Cannon) #124

Looks awesome @tezzl! I like how all the individual assignments will feed into a group assignment. :fire:

(Chris Cannon) #125

Out of curiosity, what purpose do the release tags serve? Is this students individual submissions?

(Chris Cannon) #126

This one is fun to look at :joy: well done!

(Chris Cannon) #127

I like it @andsig, lots of opportunities for code review!

(Chris Cannon) #128

Do you uses quizzes in git @vcubells? Do you find it makes grading easier/harder? Would love to hear more.

(Chris Cannon) #129

Glad its making sense @SteveR-Ncl! :100:

(Chris Cannon) #130

I agree @markpatterson27 I’ve very much enjoyed this tool as well! Feel free to drop some of the types of assignments you’d like to adapt in the forum and we will see how GitHub and Classroom can make them easier to manage.

(Chris Cannon) #131

I think this is a great plan @dirkcuys, I’ve been doing similar things in my lab. I’d really like to get an automated test suite for even faster, more precise feedback for pull requests, but I haven’t seemed to have the time yet :man_shrugging:

(Chris Cannon) #132

Looks good @Rohith-hacker :100:

(Chris Cannon) #133

Sorry about the confusion @daibarnes! Glad you got a good understanding of branching, though! That should help moving forward :100:

(Chris Cannon) #134

:100: @rmroman

(Chris Cannon) #135

Nice! @WThamira! :100:

(Chris Cannon) #136

Looks good @mchiapello! Merging is a great chance for pull requests/code review! :100:

(Chris Cannon) #137

Student 3 putting in work! Looks good @arich-net :100:

(Chris Cannon) #138

Looks like a good assignment @jake0606 :100:

(Chris Cannon) #139

I like it @igniuss, good use of multiple branches :100:

(Chris Cannon) #140

:fire: @DreamN