Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Ygor Canalli) #81

Hello everybody! This is an example that a would expect from my students :slight_smile:

(Robert McKenney) #82

I provide the initial starter code on Master. Students should then create a dev branch to work from. As they work through the assignment, they create several feature branches, merging into dev as each is completed. Then finally merging dev into master on assignment completion.

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(Pacomgh) #88

Hi everybody, here’s my screenshot about my branches exercise.

@mozzadrella I have not finished understanding the following
when I use the command:
-git checkout -b
continues working on the same line / branch. And when I use the commands
-git branch
-git checkout
Work on another line / branch

(Julia Damerow) #89

I love this tool!

(Mark Lantsberger) #90

I did mine with a series of labs. Students solve the same problem only using different types of reiteration as the solution. I know, it doesn’t emphasize the aspect of when you SHOULD use a particular type of loop, but it does give some quick practice with syntax. Great tool for visualizing the idea of branching though. I really like it!!

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(Theportablegeek) #92

Not currently teaching a class, but in this assignment students would need to create a series of html files for biological organisms with descriptions (i.e. wolf.html, mushroom.html) and push them to the appropriate branch in the repository to learn about the concept of biological classifications.

(Ramya Vellingiri) #93

Hi I have completed second assignments.

@mozzadrella when we do -b branch that branch point to above the head and if you do git branch “xxx” it points to below the head. Is there any difference in that?

(Charlotte Morrison) #94


Below is my screenshot- I am off for the summer so I just visualized how I could use this for a generic group project in one of my classes.

(Dadremarie) #95

This is for a partner assignment. Merging the edits at the end of each day.

(Greg Bernstein) #96

I’m imagining starting the course with a quick HTML refresher. The students would implement the page and after each significant addition to the page make a commit. Before moving on to refresh their basic CSS I want them to make sure they’ve got validated HTML5. At that point they would branch again for some old style CSS layout based on floats. After getting that looking okay. We’d go back to the HTML branch and branch again, CSS-Grid branch, to see how much easier and nicer it is to do layout with CSS grid.

The idea I really want them to understand is to use lots of commits and whenever they are trying something new use a branch! Here we will start from the same base file and use two different layout methods. For a more basic example could use the difference between external and internal style sheets.

(Pumatech) #97

Simple web-design project:
provide starter code
add stylesheet
three branches to implement same design using tables, flexboxes, or grids

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(Othniel Dona Monote) #100

How do you destroy branches?