Module 2 Exercise 2: Recreate Your Assignment Workflow

(Yakin Rubaiat) #302

(Raphael Abreu) #303

(Guido) #304

Here is my try. I simulated working on a scientific paper; writing section by section and rollbacking on mistakes.

(Yair Yarom) #305

(Harshit Dwivedi) #306

(Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew) #307

Hi @mozzadrella
This is an example of recreate workflow with web app assignment

Thank you for your lesson and exercise

(Pierre-Antoine Delnatte) #308

First assignement, very simple with a develop branch, teacher performs commit on the master while they are working on their develop branch, they need to merge (or rebase), then, at the end, perform a Pull Request to master.

(Muhlbaier) #309

(Peter Frühwirt) #310

this would be our workflow

(Ronald Chua) #311

Basically my plan is to give a set of base code online for students to add onto individually (or per-project). They will push to their respective branches online, and I’ll review and propose revisions to these by making my own push. Hope that makes sense. :grimacing:

(Shreyansh Dwivedi) #312

I planned to divide front-end development into three modules - HTML, CSS, Javascript. PFA the screenshot :slight_smile:

(Subramanya Vajiraya) #313

(Levi Sterling) #314

(Mandy Neumann) #315

I will start using Git next semester and I’m not sure yet about the workflow. So I basically just played around. Love the tool! :heart:

As you can see I really miss tab completion here. :joy:

(James Munroe) #316

I could see how branches could be used to show the course at different ‘states’, say after Lecture 1, after Lecture 2, or an Assignment.

Playing around at bit a the end–still lots to learn!

(Burton) #317

(Waleed El-Badry) #318

Assignment 2.2

(Ola Yusuf) #319

The Idea is to have separate branch for the solution of each question and at the end merge the various branches to the master branch. BUT, the exercise did not talk about merge yet… So, branches are not merge in the workflow below.

(Clarissa Lima Loures) #320

(Akash Ali) #321

Check this :slightly_smiling_face: